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Lawn Top Dressing Soil in Somerset

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Somerset Top Dressing Suppliers

Welcome to Buckley Landscape Supplies, the lawn experts choice for premium lawn dressing (top dressing) soil in Somerset. Our specially crafted top dressing soil is designed to revitalize and enhance the well-being of your lawn, ensuring it boasts a lush and vibrant appearance. Rest assured, our premium lawn top dressing has been tried and tested on golf course greens and tee boxes, decorative lawns and professional sports pitches in and around Somerset.

Buckley Lawn Top Dressing, our exclusive blend, presents a meticulous combination of 90% medium and coarse sand, expertly formulated for optimal lawn top dressing. Our specialized premium topsoil adheres to the BS3882:2015 standard, guaranteeing unparalleled quality. This distinctive blend is meticulously crafted to foster superior grass establishment and maintenance, making it the ideal choice for your lawn top dressing needs.

The predominantly medium to coarse and sub-angular sand particles in our blend facilitate excellent drainage and seamless integration into the lawn surface, playing a crucial role in effective top dressing. Within this unique mixture, the soil encompasses vital elements such as phosphorus and potassium, enriching soil fertility and nurturing robust, healthy grass growth. Choose our lawn top dressing for a top-tier solution, elevating your lawn care routine to achieve outstanding results in lawn top dressing, as achieved by many of our clients throughout Somerset. 

As a family business we pride ourselves in having the best quality top dressing in Somerset and an even better service!

Top Dressing being spread onto lawn to Somerset


Discover the myriad advantages of incorporating top dressing into your lawn care routine, making it a crucial practice for a lush and healthy lawn:

  1. Top Dressing for Surface Leveling:
    Top dressing ensures a consistently level lawn surface by filling smaller hollows and undulations with the specialized mix, providing a smooth and even appearance.
  2. Top Dressing for Thatch Prevention:
    Regular top dressing plays a pivotal role in preventing thatch buildup. It effectively dilutes the thatch layer and aids in its natural breakdown over time.
  3. Top Dressing for Improved Drainage and Surface Firmness:
    Opting for a sand-based top dressing enhances soil drainage and firms up the surface, especially beneficial post-aeration as it integrates into the soil through aeration holes.
  4. Top Dressing to Enhance Drought Tolerance:
    The application of peat-based top dressing can significantly improve your lawn's drought tolerance, ensuring resilience during dry periods.
  5. Top Dressing for Nutrient Enrichment:
    Certain top dressing mixtures contain essential nutrients, contributing to improved soil fertility and overall lawn health.
  6. Top Dressing to Stimulate Grass Growth:
    Top dressing actively stimulates grass growth, enhancing the soil structure within the existing root zone for a thriving lawn.
  7. Top Dressing for Increased Resilience:
    By fostering optimal grass growth and soil improvement, top dressing enhances the overall resilience of your lawn, making it better equipped to withstand various environmental factors.

Incorporate top dressing into your lawn maintenance routine for a vibrant, resilient, and visually appealing lawn. Elevate your lawn care practices with our recommended top dressing solutions.

Lawn Top Dressing in hands to Somerset


Enhancing the density of an established lawn through the addition of new seed is a practice known as overseeding. When combined, top dressing and overseeding synergize effectively, as the lawn dressing creates an optimal rooting environment for grass seed. Following the top dressing application, evenly spread grass seed across the lawn and lightly rake to facilitate seed integration into the root zone. In case of no rainfall within a day or two, ensure to water the lawn and maintain moisture until the seed germinates. Elevate your lawn care with the dynamic duo of top dressing and overseeding for a healthier and more vibrant turf.

Cutting  Somerset Turf to Somerset

Why our Lawn Top Dressing rather than other Somerset Top Dressing suppliers?

We are the leading supplier of top dressing in Somerset as this is a lawn dressing developed by experts for experts. Our top dressing goes under regular analysis to ensure a safe and efficient product for professional golf courses and sports pitches in Somerset. With the accreditation of a tried and tested product which has become the greenkeepers choice, where highest of standards are required, we are now switching our focus to provide our product to garden lawn projects in Somerset to create lush green lawns which are a step above the rest. With short lead times we are able to deliver our premium lawn top dressing directly to your garden project in Somerset any time of year.

With a fast nationwide delivery service, we don’t just deliver lawn top dressing soil to Somerset, we deliver our premium top dressing to Somerset.


 Somerset Turf - ready for delivery on a pallet to Somerset

Somerset Lawn Top Dressing Delivery

We can deliver our premium lawn top dressing bulk bags with fast delivery to Somerset!

With fast nationwide delivery we are able to delivery the top dressing to your golf course, sports pitch or garden in Somerset.

Simply buy your lawn top dressing online, choose your ideal delivery date and leave the rest to us!

All you need to do is prepare your garden for top dressing delivery following our delivery information.

Buying Lawn Top Dressing

As a certified, Tested Top dressing. This product is also often used as turf for playfields in schools across Somerset, as well as a professional top dressing for football and sports pitches and the greenkeepers choice for golf course top dressing!

If you are struggling to develop your garden lawn. Why not give it the fresh start with our premium garden lawn turf? Originally developed for professional golf courses, our lawn turf is the perfect decorative and hardwearing turf to create the lush green lawn in your garden.

Lawn Top Dressing Delivered to Somerset

Top Dressing for Somerset
Fast Delivery
Premium Quality Top Dressing Bulk Bags

We also deliver Top dressing to the surrounding areas of Somerset.

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