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Preparing Top Soil For Turfing a New Lawn. Topsoil for Seeding and Turfing

Preparing Soil for Turfing: How to Prepare Topsoil for Laying Turf

Once you have completed step one: Ground Preparation. We then need to take further with the topsoil foundation of the lawn in order to create the perfect level lawn.


We highly recommend using our Topsoil For Turfing and Seeding to create the Perfect Lawn Foundation when raising your garden level or even replacing current soil for the natural sandy loam blend developed to optimum levels of nutrition making the soil the most fertile for desired lawn growth. It is a perfected topsoil mix for turf laying and seeding typically consisting of 60-65% sand meaning it holds moisture in summer but is free-draining in winter. this can be mixed in with your current soil to create an entire area that is naturally fertile for your perfect new lawn. However, if you think your soil will meet the lawn quality desire just follow the steps below with your current garden soil.


Rake the area to form a level surface, this can take some time to get right but will be well worth your efforts when your new lawn is like a bowling green! Once completed you should have achieved a smooth level surface.

Treading Topsoil in: Time to Give the Neighbours a Laugh! 

Now you have raked the lawn after rotovating, you should be left with a level area for laying your turf. However, the soil will not be very firm and therefore if you went to turf straight onto this area, you will find lumps all across your lawn where the turf has sunk after being stood on in its use.

As a result, it is very important that you lightly tread the entire topsoil area by shuffling along stepping sideways, one footprint next to the other almost as if you were walking like a crab up and down the garden. By doing this, what you will find is soft patches which sink in. After doing the garden dance across the entire lawn area you should create a firm and level space for turfing.

Let the neighbours laugh, you will have the last laugh when you compare your perfect new lawn to theirs!

A Light Rake to Finish

Once the topsoil has been trod in ensuring no soft spots, we would recommend giving the area a really light rake for the perfectly level, yet firm foundation ready to turf your new garden lawn.


Pro Landscape Tip: The Ladder Dragging Method

On Larger areas, it can be very difficult to get the perfect level! We have lots of landscaping experience creating perfectly level gardens and golf tee boxes where everything has to be precise to a spirit level. A tool we have found to be very useful is a ladder, where the long flat surface is very helpful when being dragged across soil to create the perfect level foundation for turfing. Start from one end and slowly drag to the correct level sliding sideways as you pull back, as you would screeding concrete!  A top tip used by our team for over 30 years! 


If you want to ensure you create that perfect lawn using our premium certified topsoil for turfing and seeding but you aren't too sure how much you need. Try our free topsoil calculator to work out the amount of soil needed. 

You are now ready to get your turf ordered and start laying!



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