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What to do with old turf and grass | Disposing Lawn Waste

As shown in our Turfing guide, the fist step for preparing a new garden lawn is to remove the old lawn but what do you do with old turf, roots and other debris?

Environmentally Friendly Method to Use Old Turf to Make Compost:

If your old turf has not been chemically treated with weedkillers etc, what you could do with old turf is make compost which is great for plant nutrients. All you need to do is stack the old turf grass side down in a sunny area of the garden after it has been taken up with a spade or turf cutter. Over time the stack of old turf will break down and decompose into a great compost for growing plants and shrubs or using it for your vegetable plots down the line. 

Local Skip/ Grab Away Waste Management Company

As many people don't have room for a huge stack of old turf for compost in their garden, another option would be to use a local waste management company using a skip to get rid of your soil. Probably the most likely method in renewing a lawn as turf can be taken up, placed into a wheel barrow and put straight into a skip for removal from your garden or project. Ensure the Skip Company used holds the correct Waste Management Licenses Required and are aware of the materials you will have taken away!

Green Waste

Another method for getting rid of old turf is to use your local councils green waste facilities or a local green waste recycler. The council or these external green waste recycling plants will have the space and focus to turn your old turf into compost. The Government website has a directory of councils that will take away your green waste. Use the link below and simply enter your postcode to be shown all the contact details you need for your area!

If you can, try to recycle your old turf into compost yourself and help our planet, it will help you down the line also to give your garden a nutrients boost.

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