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Pent Sheds

Are you in search of the finest quality pent sheds to elevate the functionality and aesthetics of your garden? Look no further! With a focus on quality, while keeping price point in mind, our premium timber pent shed collection has been manufactured to the highest standard within the UK to create a long lasting durable range of pents for you to enjoy. Our pent sheds feature a sleek, modern design with a single sloping roof, making them a stylish addition to any outdoor area. Incomparable to other manufacturers, the processes used in the treatment and build of the garden buildings creates a finished product which is second to none.  We have vetted the top garden building manufacturers in the UK to find the best so you don't have to! Rest assured when buying a new pent shed from Buckley's as we only provide customers with products we are proud to put our family name to. 

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