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Mowing a New Lawn

When can I mow my new lawn Turf? 

You should wait 2-3 weeks until mowing your new lawn. However, the the first time mowing your lawn can very depending on the time of year you lay your turf.  It is important that you wait before mowing new lawns, as it is a detrimental time for strong root growth so please avoid any temptation of striping that lush green lawn with your mower! 

After watering well daily for 2 weeks, you can check if your turf has rooted by lifting the corner of a roll to see if the roots are attatched to the soil layer below. If the turf lifts easily, wait and try again at a later date. If you try to lift up your turf and it doesnt budge you should be left with a handful of Grass, that is when you know your turf is ready for the first lawn mowing!

The first time mowing new lawn turf

When mowing your lawn for the first time after laying new turf, you need to ensure that you set the mower to the highest setting possible to leave a good length of grass. This ensures you avoid stressing the grass further and allowing it to settle while keeping a nice looking fresh cut lawn. 

How often should I mow my new lawn?

Mow regularly, ensuring that you only cut less than a third of the grass height, but do this gradually! Once fully established, the height of the turf can slowly be cut down to the ideal length between 35mm and 15mm to ensure the healthiest lush green lawn.



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