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Lawn Top dressing Soil

Revitalize Your Lawn with Our Premium Lawn Top Dressing Soil

Welcome to Buckley Landscape Supplies, the gardener's choice for premium lawn dressing (top dressing) soil. Our specially formulated product is designed to rejuvenate and enhance the health of your lawn, ensuring a lush and vibrant appearance.

Buckley Lawn Top Dressing, our exclusive blend, features a precise combination of 90% medium and coarse sand, expertly formulated for optimal lawn top dressing. Our specialized premium topsoil meets the BS3882:2015 standard, ensuring premium quality. This unique blend is crafted to support superior grass establishment and maintenance, making it an ideal choice for your lawn top dressing.

The predominantly medium to coarse and sub-angular sand particles offer excellent drainage and promote seamless integration into the lawn surface, crucial for effective top dressing. Within this blend, the soil boasts essential elements like phosphorus and potassium, enriching soil fertility and fostering robust, healthy grass growth. Choose LawnTopDressing for a top-tier solution to elevate your lawn care routine and achieve exceptional results in lawn top dressing.

Lawn Top Dressing Soil | Sand and Soil Mix for Lawns

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Order Online Today With Fast Nationwide Delivery! Our Premium Garden Lawn Turf is The Best Quality Turf Available. A Healthy, Lush Green Lawn Turf That Is Both Decorative And Hardwearing So Therefore The Perfect Product To Transform Your Garden Lawn. Cut and Delivered Fresh On The Same Day.

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A fine, sand based, premium quality lawn top dressing soil which is a perfected mix of 90% medium and coarse sand with 10% of our premium certified topsoil. This is a specialist lawn dressing soil developed by experts to create the ideal top dressing for garden lawns and sports pitches.

The combination of specialist medium and coarse sand helps to open up the structure of existing soil, the addition of our premium certified topsoil supplies the blend with the nutrients required for healthy recovery and lawn growth. 

This is a very well tried and tested lawn top dressing used on golf courses, football pitches and garden lawns nationwide - in order to achieve the best results on your lawn, it is best that our lawn top dressing is applied after aeration and seeding to allow the top dressing into the existing soil and protect the seed for improved lawn establishment.


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Why you should top dress your lawn

Discover the myriad advantages of incorporating top dressing into your lawn care routine, making it a crucial practice for a lush and healthy lawn:

  1. Top Dressing for Surface Leveling:
    Top dressing ensures a consistently level lawn surface by filling smaller hollows and undulations with the specialized mix, providing a smooth and even appearance.
  2. Top Dressing for Thatch Prevention:
    Regular top dressing plays a pivotal role in preventing thatch buildup. It effectively dilutes the thatch layer and aids in its natural breakdown over time.
  3. Top Dressing for Improved Drainage and Surface Firmness:
    Opting for a sand-based top dressing enhances soil drainage and firms up the surface, especially beneficial post-aeration as it integrates into the soil through aeration holes.
  4. Top Dressing to Enhance Drought Tolerance:
    The application of peat-based top dressing can significantly improve your lawn's drought tolerance, ensuring resilience during dry periods.
  5. Top Dressing for Nutrient Enrichment:
    Certain top dressing mixtures contain essential nutrients, contributing to improved soil fertility and overall lawn health.
  6. Top Dressing to Stimulate Grass Growth:
    Top dressing actively stimulates grass growth, enhancing the soil structure within the existing root zone for a thriving lawn.
  7. Top Dressing for Increased Resilience:
    By fostering optimal grass growth and soil improvement, top dressing enhances the overall resilience of your lawn, making it better equipped to withstand various environmental factors.

Incorporate top dressing into your lawn maintenance routine for a vibrant, resilient, and visually appealing lawn. Elevate your lawn care practices with our recommended top dressing solutions.

How to apply lawn top dressing

Ensure your lawn top dressing application is a success with these step-by-step instructions, designed for optimal results and a healthier, more vibrant lawn:

Initiate the process by scarifying and aerating your lawn, setting the stage for top dressing before introducing grass seed to fill in any bare patches.

For an optimal application, target an even spread of approximately 2-4kg of lawn dressing per square meter. The quantity may vary depending on the presence of hollows or drainage channels. If uncertain, start with a conservative amount, as it's easier to add more later than to remove excess or reposition the dressing. Only proceed with top dressing when both the weather and the lawn are dry.

Follow these steps for an effective top dressing application:

  1. Mow and Wait:
    Begin by mowing the grass with the mower set to a short cut, ensuring not to scalp the lawn. Allow the grass to dry completely before proceeding.
  2. Spread Evenly:
    Utilize a shovel or spade to evenly spread the lawn dressing, employing a fan-shaped motion for spreading instead of depositing it in one spot.
  3. Work into Grass:
    Using a rubber rake or the back of a straight-headed metal rake, work the dressing into the grass and any hollows or holes. The goal is to integrate the dressing into the root zone, leaving the grass visible without smothering it.
  4. Finish with a Broom:
    Achieve a polished finish by going over the lawn with a stiff, long-handled garden broom.
  5. Post-Application Care:
    Refrain from mowing the lawn for at least a week, ideally two. If there's been no rainfall during this period, water the lawn before mowing to ensure thorough settling of the top dressing. This prevents the mower from redistributing it.

Follow these guidelines for a successful lawn top dressing application, enhancing the health and appearance of your lawn.

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Top dressing and overseeding?

Enhancing the density of an established lawn through the addition of new seed is a practice known as overseeding. When combined, top dressing and overseeding synergize effectively, as the lawn dressing creates an optimal rooting environment for grass seed. Following the top dressing application, evenly spread grass seed across the lawn and lightly rake to facilitate seed integration into the root zone. In case of no rainfall within a day or two, ensure to water the lawn and maintain moisture until the seed germinates. Elevate your lawn care with the dynamic duo of top dressing and overseeding for a healthier and more vibrant turf.

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