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Turf Calculator | How Much Turf Do I Need?

How To Measure Your Lawn Area To Calculate How Much Turf You Need:

Turf Roll Coverage: 1 roll of turf is equal to 1m²

If you have a rectangular or square lawn you are in luck, as this makes the process of calculating the area of your garden and how many rolls of turf you need very easy with our online turf calculator. If you have a triangular or circular area for turfing, we will break down the simple steps to finding the amount of turf needed for your project so do not worry, you are in safe hands!

Until our new turf calculators are in place, we recommend measuring in metres or using a feet / yards to metre converter to accurately calculate the amount of turf needed.

Calculating How Much Turf I Need in Metres:

One roll of turf is equal to one metre squared, therefore all we need to calculate is the square meterage of your garden. Therefor we recommend measuring the area in metres rather than feet or yards. How do I calculate the square meterage of my garden lawn? Well please see the relevant section below depending on the shape of your garden.

What if I measure my lawn and don't get a whole number but a decimal place?

It is very likely that your lawn will not provide you with whole numbers to work with such as those in the example above. For the most accurate amount of turf, do not round the numbers up for now!

Do I need to round up the area for turf?

Yes, we would definitely recommend rounding up to the next whole number at least, otherwise you would be too short as you can only order a full m² turf roll. For the best results we suggest you add the additional 5-10% of turf to you order due to the shaping and cutting which often takes place when laying correctly.


How To Calculate The Number Of Turf Rolls For My Rectangular Garden:

1. Measuring for a square garden lawn

Well aren't you lucky, this one is simple! To work our the number of rolls required for a rectangular or square garden firstly, all you need to do is measure the length and the width of the area in meters using a tape measure. 

For example:     Length = 12.4 metres
                             Width = 7.3 metres

2. Work out the area of a rectangle lawn

With the dimensions taken when measuring the size of your lawn in metres. You now need to multiply these together to calculate the area of your lawn in squared metres.

Lawn Length x Lawn Width = Lawn Area in Metres Squared (m²)

  12.4 metres x 7.3metres = 90.52 Square Metres (m²)


Remembering 1 roll of turf equals 1m²:  If you wish to cover the area entirely, 90m2 would be too short so therefore you would need to round up to 91 rolls of turf rather than down to 90 rolls. Depending on the size of the project we always recommend an additional 5 - 10% more turf for off cuts and shaping.

How To Work Out The Amount Of Turf Needed For A Triangular Area

1. Measuring a triangular turf area

Similarly to measuring a rectangular lawn turf area, to calculate a triangle turf area all you need to do is measure is the length and the width of the area in meters using a tape measure.

2. Work out the area of a triangle lawn

Using the measurements taken in meters, you again need to multiply the lawn length by the lawn width which gives you an area for a rectangle lawn. Now you have done this, divide the answer by 2 which will calculate the area of a triangle lawn in m² (the number of rolls required for your triangular grass area).


If you are struggling to calculate how much turf you need, please do not hesitate to call for help and advice.






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